Love’s Language: Short and Sweet Quotes

And if no one told you this before, your existence is my favorite.
You’re my favorite soul in this world of seven billion.
You’re my person!

She pulled the quilt around her tightly winter made him jealous again.

Thank you for being my peace in my chaotic life.

“It can’t get more beautiful”, she said looking at the sunset
“I know”, he said looking at her

In a sea of people my eyes will always search for you

Your eyes stole all my words away

It was on a metro train that he first met her
little did she know that she was the reason
he boarded the wrong train every day after that.

You came up behind me,
wrapped your arms around my neck and covered my eyes with you hands
“guess who?” you asked
and how silly of you to think that
I would not be know you by the feeling of your heartbeat against my back.

“Maybe it’s the way
You smile,
How it makes
The meaning of beauty so clear to me”

“Is it love ?” He asked me
“Does it make sense to you? ” I questioned
“No” he replies
“Then yes”, I smiled

“Even after the shittest day you bring a smile to my face.”

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