Father’s Day Poem ~ Coming Soon – 18th Jun

In Gratitude and Admiration: Celebrating My Father
For all the hugs and laughter,
For all the dreams you helped me chase after,
For all the times you wiped away my tears,
For all the guidance throughout the years,

You’ve been my rock, my guiding light,
In your arms, I found comfort and might.
With a heart so full of love and care,
You’ve shown me a father’s love beyond compare.

Through ups and downs, you’ve been there by my side,
In your wisdom and strength, I confide.
Your words of encouragement, a constant cheer,
For all your support, I hold you dear.

On this special day, I celebrate you,
My amazing father, so kind and true.
Happy Father’s Day, with heartfelt appreciation,
For all the love and for being my inspiration.


Unconditional Love
A steadfast presence, a comforting voice,
You taught me lessons, both big and small.
You showed me love, unconditional and true,
For you, dear father, I stand tall.

On this day, I honor you, my dad,
With gratitude and love, I must say,
You’ve shaped my life in countless ways,
Happy Father’s Day, each and every day.


Guiding Light
You held my tiny hand, teaching me to explore,
Nurturing my dreams, inspiring me to soar.
Your wisdom and patience, a wellspring of grace,
In your presence, I find solace and embrace.

With every setback, you were my steady guide,
Instilling resilience, helping me rise with pride.
You taught me to be kind, to always lend a hand,
To walk with integrity and to take a stand.

On this special day, I honor you, my dearest dad,
For the laughter, the lessons, the moments we’ve had.
You’re my superhero, my rock, my guiding star,
Happy Father’s Day, wherever you are.

Through life’s ups and downs, you’ve been by my side,
With a love that’s boundless, in you I confide.
So, on this day, I express my gratitude and cheer,
For being the best father, year after year.

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