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I hate you for ignoring my existence, for not loving me the way I wish you would. But most of all, I hate you for making me say I hate you when in reality, I just love you more.

I might say that I’ve moved on but I haven’t. I might say the pain has gone but it hasn’t. You can hear me laugh or see me smiling. You wanna know why? So that you wouldn’t know it’s you I’m missing.

I saw and met a perfect guy. He was kind, smart, cute and best of all, he loves me too. But I didn’t tell him I love him cause the only reason why I love him is because he reminded me of you.

I know you’ll never love me the way I love you but I want you to know that at one point, I knew you loved me back. Even if it was just for a minute, it was still the best damn minute of my life.

You never knew I liked you, I was too shy to tell. Not knowing what to say, not knowing what I felt. You never knew I loved you, you may not know still. I may never say I love you cause you never will.

You taught me how to care, you taught me to be kind, you showed me how to like someone, you showed me how to love. But there’s one thing you didn’t teach me and it really hurts more. You didn’t teach me how to let you go.

Today is the last day I’ll dream of reaching you. Today is the last day I’ll mention your name. Today is the last day I’ll cry over you. But damn, when will be the last day of loving you?.

Look up at the sky and you’ll see me there, one lonely star needing love and care. I just wanna be alone. See, I don’t know what to do. I’m just this pathetic star still hurting over you.

Sooner or later, I’ll pass away. When I’m gone, I know you’ll miss me, you’ll realize how much I cared and how much I treasured you. But then, do I really have to die first before you notice?.

I never hated you for not loving me. I never hated seeing you with the person you love cause I know you’re happy. However, I hate you for making me fall even more when I’m trying to let you go.

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