Love in Words: Meaningful Quotes to Treasure

Out of favorite places to stay, I would choose your arms
Out of things to get lost in, I would always choose your smile
Out of things to drown, I would always choose your eyes
Out of everything I would choose you

And when he laughs, you’ll never want it to stop because hearing it
makes a part of you light up inside like a firework and suddenly the
world doesn’t seem quiet

And if you heard the way she speaks,
of all the things she loves you did fall in love too

You know how much I love looking at the sky but I did miss a
thousand sunsets Just to look at you.

Those conversation that I skip sleep for is with you

I still think about the day when I first saw you…

Everything makes sense when my hand is in his,
and I think, I think, I think this what love is…

5 alarms rang, one after another, snoozed them all
Then with her call the phone rang
and he was wide awake!

Life is better with you

Closer you are, luckier I am

It’s nice when someone remembers small details about you

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